I will be on the road for just about a month travelling to various contests around Western Canada and D8. I've just started getting the travel trailer out of storage mode for the road trip and it is nice to see it survived the winter without too much trauma. As I get further along in getting things ship shape the anticipation factor is going up. It is going to be a GREAT season!


As I put out a call to our Canadian contingent for some article ideas, Dave Reaville who is our 2013 SA F3A Canadian Team manager responded with an excellent submission. As you may recall Dave was the Canadian NSRCA DVP for many years and wrote the K Factor article. Thanks Dave!! So without further ado.......here's Dave's report on our Canadian team's preparation:


Well it's nice to be back in the K Factor Canadian section! Our NSRCA rep Murray Johnson has been doing a great job keeping the pattern community abreast of the goings on north of the border. I thank him for his efforts!


Much like the USA F3A team preparing for it's return to the F3A World's (defending team champions BTW!) we are also hard at work getting our Canadian team prepared. As you all know the amount of support that is need to send a team to a world championships is always a major hurdle for every team and depending on distance also a major expense.


As our pattern community is much smaller compared to the USA we have our work cut out to garner the financial support of fellow flyers and clubs. So far this has been very successful and we greatly appreciate those folks that have contributed with donations or bought a raffle ticket. The Model Aeronautics Association of Canada, through it's FAI Travel Fund also helps our enormously and they are always a great supporter of our team.


This year's Canadian team is a very diverse collection of competitors featuring well known flyer Chad Northeast of Calgary, Colin Chariandy of Mississauga (originally Trinidad), Michi Akimoto from Victoria (originally Japan) and Colin's son Ethan Chariandy as our first ever junior pilot.


As much as the team event and the top pilot positions become the focus, I believe the juniors are the ones to watch this year. We will have the largest junior contingent at a world championship ever and the experiences these young people have now will no doubt lead to world calibre flyers later. The opportunity that teams have to bolster their ranks and let their juniors get first hand experience is truly invaluable. With a "father calling and son flying" team in Colin and Ethan up against their US counterparts in Don and Joseph Szcsur, it's just another great story to watch unfold at this year's worlds in south Africa. Looking forward to it!


Our teams social media is alive and well and we have our team website up at http://members.shaw.ca/pwnews/pwnf3a/Home.html as well as a blog that will run through the actual event at http://teamcanf3a2013.blogspot.ca. Of course there is also Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TeamCanadaF3a2013 if you can't get enough :-)


Safe building, flying and charging!


Dave Reaville

Team Canada 2013 F3A Manager


Thank you very, very much Dave for your insight on the team's preparation and your thought on the junior participation. It is indeed exciting to see the young folk actively involved at this premier level!


Dave didn't mention it but there is an amazing raffle being presented for team fund raising. There are various smaller and great prizes but the icing on the cake is a Griffin F3A airframe fully decked out with high quality Futaba servos, a Pletty Advance motor and all the other gadgets required to fly. Just add your receiver and transmitter and put the whole thing together and you too can be at the next world's!! Details at the above mentioned Canadian Team website.


Well guys, that's about it for this month. Should see a lot of you Canadian and D8 people on the circuit this summer!!