Hello all, hope things are Good !!

Went down today at the pit at my shooting range but I had a look at our field !!!

Well Mr. Winter has done a little number on it !!!!!!

1--- The front support on the shelter has given way and the roof has fallen in / the roof panel still good so far ??

2--- Wacor has taken back one of the culvert boxes we used as a table, this is no big deal.

       It is the one farthest from the shelter and now there is a small pile of snow and sand built up there from them plowing for use.

       It will melt and we can smooth it out later, again no big deal !!.

3---The nails down the middle of the runway has popped up ( about a 1/2" to 1 " ) like last year due to the water under the landing strip freezing and lifting them up / plus there maybe more ???

4--- There is a bit of sand, dirt, and mud all over the runway etc.

Now all this can be fixed easy, so if you guys have a little time over the next while and have some old long 2x4's, screws and nails or a blower/brooms etc and you have the expertise in doing these things. I know your help would be appreciated !!!

I plan as things dry out a bit ( it is still very wet )  to hammer the nails back in with my mini hand sledgehammer as Peter and I did last year.

Hope to see some of you down at the field flying etc. over the next while, weather permitting !!!!

Take Care