Financial Report
Balance for 2018/2019: $2,136.64
The breakdown is available to review for all the improvements done in
Petty Cash balance: $392.63
Bank balance at the April 27, 2019 meeting was $1,826.63
2019-2020 expenditures:
Cheque made out to Peter Wood for $200 for the leaf blower and a new lock for
the gate.
Bank balance as of April 24, 2021: $3,991.29

Old Business
Chris reported the 2019/2020 year as a great year at the field despite the
Chris reported the visitation of John Deadman, the new BC Zone director from
MAAC. He will be at our field on May 4, 2019 at 9 am to inspect the site. He was
hosted by Peter, Murray and Chris. John stated he could make a surprise visit
and stressed the importance of having MAAC numbers on all aircraft. We can
call the MAAC office to get stickers sent to us or make our own.
The rules and regulation signs for the club have been installed.
Chris reported that the hammer, axe and propane tank were stolen and need to
be replaced. The propane tank was donated to the club by Roger Jennings. Bob

Peters suggested a lock for the shed but after discussion, the group in
attendance decided to not lock the shed to prevent damage to the shed itself
(plastic handles). We have to be careful what we put in the shed now.
There was more discussion around our land use agreement. Neil Hamilton is the
owner of the land. We get to use the land for free and Neil has capped the
keys/membership to 25. We are currently at 27 members so we will not be
accepting any new members. Membership renewals are due by May 1st so we
will see what numbers we have after the renewal date. We do not want any
problems with Neil and appreciate the privilege of using the land.

New Business
There will be no porta potti rental this year due to the porta potti being dragged
outside the gate last year. It was placed precariously on the edge of the road
near the swamp and we cannot afford to repair/replace it. Chris, Frank and Peter
had to drag it back to the location at the field and then called to get it picked up
by the rental company.
The leaf blower and club BBQ are at Chris's house -- 118 Strathcona Way in
Ocean Grove. Please call to arrange for pick up if you wish to use them.
A current club member phone list was distributed to those in attendance.
There was discussion around the runway replacement and the fabric between
the tables. Peter Wood has been in touch with Black Creek Farm and Feed and
took them a sample of our fabric to match it up. The fabric comes in rolls of 15'
wide by 300' long. We plan to get 2 rolls to make the runway two lanes wide. If
any of the old fabric can be salvaged and used as a third lane, extension of the
runway or used around the pit tables, it will be determined when it is removed at
the work party. There was also some discussion about how to allow for better
drainage in the one area that accumulates water. In addition, we discussed the
replacement of the one fence gate. We have the supplies for this already and it
will be completed at the work party. The new roles will take about 3-4 weeks to
arrive once ordered and the invitation for the work party will go out by email,
weather and health regulations dependent. Motion to approve made by Peter
Fowler, seconded by Ron Wood. Passed.
Peter has had a recent confrontation at our field with a man and his wife who
were using an RC vehicle in our flying club area. He stated that Wacor has given
him permission to be there. After confirming he was not a CRAFS member, Peter
asked him to leave, he was very aggressive to both Peter and his own wife who
was trying to calm him. Peter called Chris and kept him on the line as witness
until the man and his wife left. As a result, a motion was made to add a new sign
at the end of the sun shade stating: "No trespassing, Private Club, Members

Only". The motion was made by Mike Schmidt and seconded by Gary Steffens.
Frank to post the MAAC rules on our club website like other flying clubs do. This
will be a convenient reminder for our club members.
All guests flying at our field have to have a current MAAC membership. They can
fly a total of three times at our field for the 2021 season. As stated earlier, there
are no new members accepted at this time. If someone wants to "try" flying, they
have to be buddy boxed by an experienced CRAFS pilot with an active MAAC
membership. The responsibility for the flight lies on the experienced/licensed
pilot. There is also the expectation that if the MAAC/CRAFS rules are not
followed, that the executive can vote and expel a member from the club.
Chris presented the idea of a refundable key deposit. The members in
attendance agreed that if one was put in place, it should be $20. Decision was
Club dues to remain at $60.00. The renewal date for current members is May
No further business arose.
Mike Schmidt moved to adjourn the meeting and Frank Barbas seconded.
Meeting adjourned at 12:13 pm.