Hello all, hope things are Good !!

Went down today at the pit at my shooting range but I had a look at our field !!!

Well Mr. Winter has done a little number on it !!!!!!

1--- The front support on the shelter has given way and the roof has fallen in / the roof panel still good so far ??

2--- Wacor has taken back one of the culvert boxes we used as a table, this is no big deal.

       It is the one farthest from the shelter and now there is a small pile of snow and sand built up there from them plowing for use.

       It will melt and we can smooth it out later, again no big deal !!.

3---The nails down the middle of the runway has popped up ( about a 1/2" to 1 " ) like last year due to the water under the landing strip freezing and lifting them up / plus there maybe more ???

4--- There is a bit of sand, dirt, and mud all over the runway etc.

Now all this can be fixed easy, so if you guys have a little time over the next while and have some old long 2x4's, screws and nails or a blower/brooms etc and you have the expertise in doing these things. I know your help would be appreciated !!!

I plan as things dry out a bit ( it is still very wet )  to hammer the nails back in with my mini hand sledgehammer as Peter and I did last year.

Hope to see some of you down at the field flying etc. over the next while, weather permitting !!!!

Take Care


Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of the flying field. Put some skis on my RV-8. It was amazing! About a foot of snow out there still. Bumped into a guy in a front end loader clearing the gravel road. He said he would go up and clear our parking lot! The roof on the shelter held up under the snow load. Cheers Bob


Winter RC Flying








Sale has gone very successful, most items are sold. I still have a HawkPro helicopter left with OS 32 engine. YS120 pumped motor (4Stroke), YS61 pumped motor(2Stroke).

Some airframes, some airplanes with motor and servos.

Ph. (250) 923 6641


Dr. Brodie generously donated quite a bit of RC Stuff to our club. Contact me to come by and have a look, make an offer. Some of the items are a Goldberg Extra 300 ready to fly comes with YS120 and smoke, 60 size pattern plane (61), something Extra (OS61FX), several brand new kits, Tracer, Birdie and f15 eagle also several partially built kits (Spitfire, F14 tomcat). Many 40 size sport planes that have been stripped of components (any offer accepted!). Also a box of two stroke thunder tiger engines various sizes, bearings, compression are good (Any offer accepted!). My number is 250 923 6641, or text me at (250) 203 6334

There are some Pics posted on our club Facebook page.

Please note No electric stuff for sale, Glow planes only and one glow powered helicopter.

IMG 0592



Next week we are planning a summer is ending fun Fly at the Cranberry flying field.
There will be a Wiener roast, chips and Pop. Please bring your own chairs and wiener sticks if you have them.
Flying will start at 11 am, Please phone my number below if you need any further info.
Directions for the flying field can be found on the website, CRAFS.ca

Hope to see you there!