There is a work party and membership due collection planned for Sunday July 20th at 10 am. We are hoping to get enough members signed up to purchase mat material for the runway.

The band that owns the property by Willis Rd has requested that we restrict our flying to with in the confines of the field and not fly over the road or BC Hydro property.


I will be posting lots of RC items for sale on the CRAFS website over the next coming weeks, please check the forum if you are interested.

Hi Everyone!

We need to get people to pay there menbership dues, so we can get some Mat material purchased and laid down.

Please note we are limiting menbership to 30 members only.

Please mail or drop off your monies to Murray:

637 Nelson Rd

Campbell River, BC

V9H 1T7

Cheque should be nade payable to: CRAFS

Meeting called to Order by Murray Johnson

Items discussed:

All members need to have MAAC membership.

When entering always dummy the gate closed please

Geotec material, decided to hold off till we get permision to build a runway on top.

Club dues will be $75 per year, with a possible runway building surcharge in the Fall of this year.

All Maac rules apply at the flying field.

Gates are open from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday on regular business days.

On the week ends please contact Murray or Frank for a key or check if some one is flying

Elected are as follows

President: Murray Johnson

Vice-President: Frank Barbas

Secretary: Peter Wood


Thank you to everyone that came out to the first meeting1

We need volunteers to clear and smooth out the landing strip Sunday June 22 at 10 am, the more people come out the quicker it will be done. Please bring rakes, wheel barrows and any other tools you can think of to smooth the landing strip. Afterwards flying will commence, recommend you bring airplanes with big wheels! Hope to see everyone there!